How to Get Sand Out of the Pool without a Vacuum

Stepping in the sand will be a source of joy if you are on a sea beach. But it becomes a pain in your neck if you step in the sand in your swimming pool. You will never love to collect sand in your backyard pool. 

Now, the question is- where did the sand come from? It may come into your pool because of a faulty sand filter, or sand might come with wind. No matter how the sand gets into your pool, it’s a must to remove the sand. 

Of course, you can use a vacuum with a vacuum hose to get rid of sand. But what do you do if you have no pool sucker or vacuum head for your pool care? Don’t worry! 

This article will help you learn how to get sand out of the pool without a vacuum or an automatic pool cleaner. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into this guide.

Why Do You Have Sand in Your Pool?

Before getting to the point directly, let’s inform you what brings sand to your pool. It will help you to choose the right way to get sand out of your pool bottom. 

Believe it or not, your sand filter is the culprit that allows sand to get into your pool. If you find a single spec of sand on the pool bottom, it is likely one or more parts of the sand filter get broken. Consequently, the sand filter is totally out of whack and it doesn’t function the way it should. 

You can find a standpipe inside the sand filter. The standpipe runs down to the center of the filter to a manifold at the bottom attached with laterals. Though the entire standpipe system is made with rigid material, any parts of it get cracked over time. For example, if the laterals connected with the standpipe get tripped, sand can easily pass through and get into your pool along with clean pool water. 

Therefore, sand can also get into your pool between the standpipe and the multiport valve connection. If the O-ring or washer gets worn out, sand from your filter can make its way to your pool. 

Wind can also carry sand into your pool though it does not bring like the broken sand filter.

How to Get Sand Out of Your Pool Without a Pool Vacuum

You know why there is sand in your pool. Now, it’s time to learn how to get sand out of the pool bottom without a vacuum cleaner. 

Process 1: Fix Broken Standpipe or Laterals

As you know the tripped laterals or broken standpipes allow sand to get into your pool, so it will be better to fix those parts of your sand pump filter. Generally, the lateral gets cracked more than the standpipe. But you need to replace both. All you need to do is just follow the same process you use when you change sand in your filter. The only additional step you need to apply is replacing the broken pieces inside the filter. 

And of course, don’t forget to check the O-ring or washer before replacing the sand. Change them if they get cracked. If you don’t know how to change sand in the filter, check out this guide.

Process 2: Use Pool Brush or Push Broom

You can use a pool brush to brush away sand from your pool. With it, brush up one or more concentrated areas and suck away those gritty sand from your pool bottom. 

You can use a pool bottom brush, (Nylon Bristle brush for vinyl surface) to make the process easier. Brush the bottom of your pool, which will stir up the sand into the pool water. Most of the sand or dirt will be removed by the pool filter, this depends on the circulation capacity of your pool pump or filter pump. Though, some sand will again drop back to the pool bottom. Repeat the cleaning process and check your sand filter pressure. 

If the pressure increases by 10psi, backwash it. Do this regularly for a few days. This is the most effective method to remove the sand and dirt from your pool completely.

Process 3: Use Leaf Rake or Skimmer Rake

A leaf rake is very useful to clean large amounts of sand, dirt, and debris from the bottom of the pool. You can attach the leaf rake with a telescoping pole. A plastic leaf rake is safer for avoiding scratching your pool surface.

Process 4: Insert Submersible or Similar Type of Pump

You can place a submersible pump for ejecting sand from the pool bottom. Due to the circulation, some sand may mix up with the pool water. You need to stop the pumping process and give time to settle the sand on the bottom. Repeat it to make sure the sand is gone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get fine dust out of my pool?

Vacuum your swimming pool regularly to get rid of fine dust, dirt, and particles from your pool bottom. Also, don’t forget to brush up the pool walls once a week during the summer season. 

Why is the bottom of my pool always dirty?

Most of the time, the wind carries sand, dust, dirt, and particles, and they fall into your pool. When those contaminants reach your pool bottom, your pool gets dirty, and the pool water looks cloudy.

What is the brown stuff in the bottom of my pool?

Mustard algae look yellowish-brown if it grows in your pool bottom. And if it brings up in your pool, it will be challenging for you to get rid of algae. 

Final Word

Getting the sand, fine dust, dirt, or sediment out of your pool without a vacuum means you need to remove the sand manually. For instance, you can use a pool brush to brush away your pool bottom, ladders, and walls. 

Indeed, it takes a lot of elbow grease to eliminate the sand from your pool following the manual method. Also, you need to spend a lot of time. 

The upside of getting the sand out of your pool manually is it saves your bucks as you don’t need to buy a vacuum cleaner. 

You can invest in a vacuum cleaner if you are comfortable with the budget. It helps you to suck away every grain of sand from your pool with ease.

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